The good ship Refusenik has graced my shores once more with her presence, and has been kind enough to bring a new refugee to that welcoming and capacious labyrinth that is my hard drive. His name is PaulDirac O’Higgins-Stein (his mum was a mathematician). He’s very young (a mere 675 years) and quite naive but he takes no shit from nobody. The Refusenick picked him up (and the Penguins) bobbing up & down off the coast of Cape Verde. They were trying to reach Madagascar on a rafter build by the Defecting Penguins with money stolen from Somali pirates. The pirates are well pissed off and they have sworn dread revenge. The plot thickens. Plus one more card. This “angel” is no bringer of peaceful, opiatic bliss. Quite the opposite. Just look at he face. The doggies know. 27/01/10 And another one.