Month: October 2008

Christmas time is here, by golly! Disapproval would be folly.

With Tom Leherer’s words of wisdom ringing in my ears I hereby post one of my seasonal greeting cards. There might be others. 31.10.08. Actually, have another version. This one is for me mate Tom, who likes cricket, poor man… 01/11/08. Hell, have another one. As the Spaniards say Por mucho pán, nunca mal año

Update 28/10/08

Life is getting tidier again. Site too, with one new proper page and a restored, or rather, rescued one. The new one is Wilfred & The Shell-Shocked, a poetry+ corner. The salvage expedition restoreth the literary page, now called Fireside Yarns . We’ll get there yet.

Stop Press: Some basic terms & conditions on the Legal page. And please feel free to use the Contact page. This IS a very quiet site, don’t you know…

Happy Equinox…

Clocks back last night. Oyvai… Well, instead of killing myself I’ve decided to give the Great Cthulhu some labour problems. No pasarán!

Update 24/10/08

It seems I will live, after all. To celebrate, I’ve posted stuff in the About This Site page. Not much. Just a potted biography, a hint of what this site is all about, and several self-portraits.

If the present benign trend holds, I might even start writing on the Gossip Column.

Be excellent.