Month: November 2018

Further Travels in Hypereality

Travellers. Aka Now Voyager 2.0 I don’t know what’s with me and tadpoles. And wee fishes. Nor do I care. I like them and as I never tire of saying, I’d rather have a tadpole in 10 Downing Street that the monster that skulks around there at the moment. And it could be worse. It could be the BojoBozo Creature, Bumba forfend! Grateful for small mercies? (Some bloody mercies!:-( )

Question Mark. For Ash 6.0  I know the anniversary proper is not for another couple of weeks yet but, as I also say, ad nauseam, I must concede, opportunity is as opportunity does. Who knows what state I’ll be in come the day? So, carpe doodle, deep sigh, big Oh Well! and on with life. Here’s looking at your subatomic particles, kiddo. We still miss you.

Mysterious Bonds

Egypt2S. aka Bonding with ‘Bots. Owing to her links with shady creatures of dubious reputation sporting animal heads and such like irregularities, she’s not exactly Miss Popularity around the Delta. But the feral robots love her. No, I don’t know why, either. Feral robots are peculiar at best and highly volatile if pestered with trivial inquisitions.

Empires of Tears

Angry Alien. It’s not nice to send your children to be slaughtered in some distant land to defend your avaricious dreams of empire, then wrap them in the flag and commemorate their loss with great displays of ersatz sentiment and buckets of crocodile tears. And almost immediately after send a new batch of cannon fodder to fight your next imbecile imperialist gamble!
Something new:
Not a fan of Kipling by any stretch of the imagination but in this case he got it so right:
If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.
Something old:
Malditas sean las guerras y los canallas que las apoyan.
Julio Anguita

Hardy Perennials

YouTuber. Trust Rosie to get the right (or wrong?) end of the stick when it comes to nurturing cultural priorities. That’s my girl!


Polemic Tadpoles. For Los Marismeños & Paco de Lucí­a
Fickleness is not the preserve of human beings. Now you know.
And in case you fancy a spot of excellent rumbitas: