Month: April 2013

Discontinuities Inc.

Waiting for things to gel together and also for the final stage of “The Book” (now in its proof-reading one), I revisited dear Dunwich. You can never go wrong with that family, innit? Also, a sneak privada of some chapter or other of Return to Kadath. Update 02/05/13 Having given up on any attempt at sequentiality, here is another chapter of Return to Kadath. I’m sure that when I can concentrate on it everything will fall neatly (or nearly neatly) in place. After all this post is aptly named Discontinuities Inc. innit? Update 21/05/13 It’s done! Over! Dusted! The “book” is ready to fly to sunny Pennsylvania and then I won’t have to even think about it …until the Editing Dept. descends on me, I daresay. Meanwhile, I eat, drink, make merry and go shopping with Fang, the Lokioid and his latest baby and the Shoggy Contingent (which these days includes regularly the Chief Gratuitous Fight Picker from Upper Leng (very useful for pushing the trolley). Fang tretated us to several 6-packs of Cretaceous Cream XXXX, which was going really cheap, and ended up buying another two garrotes (highly damaging clubs to you and me), as they were on BOGOF offer. She says a single girl can never have enough highly damaging clubs anyway. I’m inclined to agree. Update 01/06/13 Another unplaced chapter of Return to Kadath. The disorder and disorganization of the graphic side of this latest saga has now been increased by the fact that I’ve started writing a short (?) novel of it. Oh dear… Personally I blame my publishers for insisting I write a booklet to keep the Tarot deck company. It has re-awakened the old primeval literary instincts with a vengeance. Saintly Mother of Bumba have patience on us… Update 05/06/13 And this here panel closes this post. In it we can see how the insidious influence of the Shoggoths (via the ProtoShoggoths and the QuasiBat Things) is beginning to spread all over the Cold Waste lie a rash. It’s a matter of time before it reaches the Final Void and then…Bumba knows how far we can get along the bumpy road to the Revolution. Please note that the non-speaking Larva, related as he is to the Repulsive Moon-Beasts, doesn’t speak as such, but is capable of some basic sounds and some very, very primitive thought-processes. In this case he’s wondering whether the Revolution will entail free ice cream for all creatures huge and tiny. If it’s up to me… it will! PS. In the next post I will give details on how to join (if you’re so inclined) the Pirate Larvae Party in Exile. It’s free, very, very easy and you get a free Survival Kit, a free  Badge and an introductory bag of Smarties, courtesy of the Shoggoths, bless them. I mean, we all need drugs, don’t we?


Liberation Mythology for Lazy Folks

Here be the first installment. I’ve wanted to do something on the Venus of Willendorf for yonks. So I did, just to prove myself that the rabbid flu wot’s been plaguin me for the past few days hasn’t got the better of me. Hai! And here she is, in conversation with her comadre, the ineffable Shub-Niggurath, she who becomes more ineffable wich each passing day. (The Shoggoths are deeply suspicious of this recent partiality. Suspicious; not jealous. They know my heart belongs to them and them only.) Please note that the Young  in attendance seems to be about to fall in love with a frivolous companion-star of Milady’s; and that Fiffi’s totally gob-smacked at the size of such powerful bosoms. Size zeros the world over, look upon Milady’s bulk and tremble! Now, go get a bacon buttie… Update 09/04/13 To celebrate the death (if not the real passing, alas…) of the Ghastly Thatcher Creature, here’s a bit of colour and silliness. If you ever feel the need to restore your mental and intellectual health, please feel at liberty to book yourselves for a free fortnight at the Really Funny Farm. The Savant Onions and Molesworth will see you right in no time at all. Salut! Update 12/04/13 Ah, lovely black & white… And bad poetry! What a winning combination. Nothing like it. Sorry folks… Update 22/04/13 Faithful to my tradition of never waiting to finish a project (in this case The Story of Oops) to start with a new one, here be the new one: Return to Kadath. Synopsis: Randolph Carter, bless his little restless socks, weary once more with the “real” world, and seeing his beloved Boston going to the Hounds of Tindalos of Crapitalism under his very eyes, decides to revisit the Final Void’s peripheries, namely the Cold Waste and Merry Old Leng, and as a side-dish, perhaps, clear some pending accounts with Nyarlathotep. All hell breaks loose. Battlelines are drawn. Enemies and allies gather their armies. Let the battle commence! Olay and oyvay… Here goes the first three chapters. Prologue pending.