I promised rabbits, didn’t I? Well, I’d hate to be forsworn… There you go. Rabbit No. 1.  Unconsciously inspired by my Flick’r pal, the splendid Matthew Watkins. Cheers, mate! Update 10/02/14 The Young Prophet has come out to spread the Groovy News and to teach the Eight-fold Path to happiness! Rejoice! He started with the Shoggoths, to whom all this is so much coals to Newcastle, but the Prophet didn’t know that. He’s young and inexperienced. Anyway, the Shoggies liked his enthusiasm and his merry disposition, so they gave him some tea and send him the way of the Uncouth Larvae, whom as we all know, are in much greater need of encouragement and hope. NB. The young one is an unexpected love-child of the Flutterby. The lady herself, pig-headed as it’s her wont, refuses to name the father, contending that “who gives a toss who the sodding father is as long as the child is healthy, strong and wild?” Quite. Update 14/02/14 Here’s the imcomparable Boom-Boom, disguised as Shogzilla, wishing you all a wonderful Anti-Valentine’s day, folks. And may all my dreams come true… Update 23/02/14 Meet the Siamese Demonettes. They sprang fully formed and equipped from a recent dream of the delicious Bumba. They travel the universes in their sailing bubble, with their Macchine Diaboliche and their pals, the Angelic Sardinettes (offsprings of the Celestial Sardine), in quest of true horrors and the mission of neutralizing them. (I can’t wait till they get to Ben Bernanke and Henry Kissinger… ) The Sardinettes are called Snip and Snap and they just lurrrrve to push the buttons. Update 19/03/14 Mistery solved. Here’s what happened to flight MH370. Celestial blobs are patient creatures but you can  push them (and shove them, and bully them and invade and pollute their territory) only so far, I dare say. (Actually, originally I got the idea from a short story by A. Connan Doyle, whom I’ve been reading for the very first time in my misspent life.) Update 27/03/14 Just for the hell of it. Too long since I did anything with Shoggoths. Hai!