Month: June 2016

Entertaining Mr Slothy

CriminalMindsCriminal Minds, the Reality Show. There, never say I don’t do my best to keep you posted on the latest entertainment trends. This one is co-produced by Ogle Inc., Pox News and MI50. Enjoy. And in case you though (oh, so wrongly!) that I’d support Hilarious Hillary just because “she’s a woman”, think again. She’s toxic, she is. Once, in an unguardedly insensitive moment of great anger against her, I compared her to a hyena (as female hyenas have nearly as much testosterone as the males). Next day I had a large delegation of the darling Feliformiae picketing my doorstep and complaining loudly about the insult. I apologized promptly and profusely to the admirable creatures, offered tons of Smarties as reparation and signed an official document declaring my devotion to their hygiene-conscious kin. After that we got along famoulsy and they even let me play with the cubs they had brought along (-a PR stunt, no doubt). I’ve still got the selfie somewhere in my hard drive…:-)

Midsummer Revels

SolsticePod.SNot that there’s all that much to rejoice about. The weather is crap and the Brexit hysteria is hitting the fan like the proverbial shit. Still, be brazen, be defiant, be toujours gai! Raise two fingers at life itself, si le cÅ“ur vous en dit.

BoredAngel.SUpdate 23/06/16. To celebrate Vote To Remain A Slave In Any Case Day, here’s a wee bit of early history of things wot are intrinsically good and groovy. So…that’s how it all began. Next thing you know, the peasants are storming the Winter Palace. Of course, the results never seem to last very long. But who knows… Perhaps one day…one day… Hope MUST spring eternal.

The Sleepwalkers

Brexit,TheFactsI find difficult to believe the levels of hysteria generated by this most fake of fake debates. But there you have it. Zombies sleepwalking into the next trap. Oh, well! The quotation is from Edgar Allan Poe, naturally. ‘ere, ‘ave some music to go with it.


Famous Scandals

HowDoYouPlead.SThe charges, of the just-in-case- variety in the first place, were bogus and the evidence trumped up. Or the other way around .“same difference. The prosecution was cheaply bought and the witnesses all had had tactical lobotomies. The Little Man and his Mafiosi sponsors even took the case to the wrong court, much to Bubbles amusement who wryly concluded that one should never trust little people in positions of power .“or any people at all, for that matter. However, Ms Dearie’s mum mounted a fierce and cogent defence, the case was thrown out by the Snakes and a ginormous compensation fee was awarded to the young Blossom, who is currently touring the Badlands with Bubbles and the older Snake and having the time of her life. Who doesn’t like a happy ending?