Well Met 1. By the shores of the beautiful Chromatic Lake, in the Valley of Glee, two rambling giant Worms have come across a small (but perfectly formed) haranguing creature, the Radiant Raving Goddess of Righteous Wrath. She haunts the region and its fringes ranting like it’s going out of fashion about this, that and anything else that catches her mood. Occasionally she also does custom diatribes. If you ask her nicely and you suggest a topic she’d really like to sink her teeth in, off she’ll go on a rabbity, rampant tirade that will make your eyeballs itch and peel the skin off your nose. She’s lovely, she is. The giant Worms are thinking of starting up a fan club. If they do, I’ll be its first member, I will.
PS. This here doodle is for Ash, a master ranter if ever there was one. Here’s looking at you, kid!