Month: April 2023

Track, Trace and Destroy

Stalked. A spectre is haunting the world -the spectre of fragmented uniformity. All the powers of this old planet have entered into an unholy alliance to bring about the universal triumph of this noxious spirit.
It’s s nowhere and everywhere and it’s fast sinking into every consciousness, sharp or dull, and erasing any trace of resistance and thus any prospect of freedom from The Canon.
Voices cry out in the wilderness, where the indignant desert birds scream and call their love calls and sound the alarm to no avail.
Subtlety is being bred out of the species and soon will be utterly eradicated. Before that it will be declared elitist ergo taboo.
Meanwhile nuance and meaning are being turned into objects of scorn and condemnation and any time soon they will be criminalized.
Thus the apotheosis of Millán-Astray’s “¡Muera la inteligencia! ¡Viva la Muerte!” will come about and reign supreme and hold dominion over the entirety of mankind.
Along with the Red Death, of course.:-)
He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.
Have a spiffing weekend, when it comes, if it comes.

Ay que dolor…

With a Heavy Heart. Julian Beck said, back when: “We live in a system that manufactures sorrow.” And also: “…uprising is the reversal of the system, and revolution is the turning of tides.”
Personally I never cared much for Mr. Beck, whom I regarded as a bit of a tosser and not at all trustworthy but hey! even the village idiot can come out with pearls of perceptive wisdom now and then. And he was dead right on that one. We live inside and under a system that breeds nothing but solid wretchedness and delusional happiness (aka Happyness). Oh, well…
A small word on broken hearts. Mine has broken scores of times, and I’ve put it back together as many. By now it’s mostly superglue so it no longer breaks. But, by gum! it does get seriously heavy on almost daily basis. The malice, the dishonesty, the cruelty that The System excretes constantly and relentlessly is bad enough. Lately, though, what truly really gets me is the stupidity. And the sheer ugliness of it all. Thank Bumba for the foxes and the neighbour’s cats!
Waiting for the tides to turn, have a sponditious weekend. And un po’ di mu’:

Slippery Slope

Into the Vortex. Yes. Of course. By all means. Do. Fragment yourselves into a myriad sub, sub-sub and sub-sub-sub grouplets. Defend your tiny ideological patches ferociously, to the death if necessary. Break up with all those heretics that don’t agree with you 100% and hound them down till you can stand proud over their miscreant carcasses. Feel splendidly virtuous about it. Enhance your inner inquisitor and massage your self-self-esteem. And then obey, unquestioningly, the most trivial directive from Them Above. And when you and your neighbours, and your neighbour’s neighbours are all mince meat, then it’ll be time to integrate with Azathoth, who’s already ascending from the depths of its own hideous pandemonium and…coming to get you.
Divide and be ruled.

Mind Protectors

Totem Pole 2. Follow the wee totem’s advice: make a stink; protest; object; debunk; expose; whatever. Do it loudly and clearly. Plenty targets out there:
Or, at the other end of the idiot rainbow:
Have a spiffing weekend.