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A Change in the Weather. 10/08/15 I’m completely fed up with all these supernumerary sites, including the Blind Gorgon dedicated Tarot site, so I’ve decide to get rid of it and re-upload the deck back here, where it belongs. So. First things first. Say hello to Olufemi, guardian of all things groovy.


001.TheBlindGorgon. 002.The-Fool 003.The-Magician 004.The-High-Priestess 005.The-Empress 006.The-Emperor 007.The-Hierophant 008.The-Lovers

009.The-Chariot 010.Strength 011.The-Hermit 012.The-Wheel-of-Fortune 013.-Justice 014.The-Hanged-One 015.-Death 016.Temperance

017.The-Devil 018.-TheTower 019.The-Star 020.The-Moon 021.The-Sun 022.-Judgment 023.The-World 024.AceOfWands

025.TwoOfWands 026.ThreeOfWands 027.FourOfWands 028.FiveOfWands 029.SixOfWands 030.SevenOfWands 031.EightOfWands 032.NineOfWands

033.TenOfWands 034.PageOfWands 035.KnightOfWands 036.QueenOfWands 037.KingOfWands 038.AceOfSwords 039.TwoOfSwords 040.ThreeOfSwords

041.FourOfSwords 042.FiveOfSwords 043.SixOfSwords 044.SevenOfSwords 045.EightOfSwords 046.Nine-OfSwords 047.TenOfSwords 048.PageOfSwords

049.KnightOfSwords 050.QueenOfSwords 051.KingOfSwords 052.AceOfCups 053.TwoOfCups 054.ThreeOfCups 055.FourOfCups 056.FiveOfCups

057.SixOfCups 058.SevenOfCups 059.EightOfCups 060.NineOfCups 061.TenOfCups 062.PageOfCups 063.KnightOfCups 064.QueenOfCups

065.KingOfCups 066.AceOfPentacles 067.TwoOfPentacles 068.ThreeOfPentacles 069.FourOfPentacles 070.FiveOfPentacles 071.SixOfPentacles 072.SevenOfPentacles

073.EightOfPentacles 074.NineOfPentacles 075.TenOfPentacles 076.PageOfPentacles 077.KnightOfPentacles 078.QueenOfPentacles 079.KingOf-Pentacles 080.Back


Update 31/05/14 Latest news. Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


Yesterday I got an email from Schiffer announcing that the 10 complimentary “author’s copies” of my deck are on their way to South Hackney, via Byakhee Express. No, sorry, it’s FedEx. My mistake. So, here’s the “poster” announcing the happy event. The Deck is now flesh & blood. Or ink & cardboard, really. Welcome to the family wee bundle. And to round up a day of wonders, behold! young Olufemi’s got himself a girlfriend. Olay! Her name is Adebola, Bolita for short. She just wandered into one of our tactical briefing sessions, out of the deep dark forest, sashayed her way into our midst, batted her eyelids at poor Femi…and the rest is mythology, as they say. And here they be, the happy pair. Olufemi’s showing Bola the newly-minted book and he’s bragging a bit, saying: “I’m in it, don’t you know…” And she’s saying “Blimey! That’s nice.” And “So, who’s the blindfolded bint with the dog, the cat and the rat and the snakes on her bonce, then?” And so on. We’re all are really happy for Femi, who, we all think, works way too hard and has but few distractions. Bola will see to it that he doesn’t overdo it from now on. She’s awfully glamorous and very good-natured, but you can sense the iron claw beneath the velvet paw. (Atta girl!)

Update 19/02/13

I’ve taken down most of the deck, as can be seen. The reson: the Unthinkable, That-Which-Was-Not-Going-To-Happen, has actually happened. About a year ago a woman wrote to me asking if she could use my deck on a book on Tarot & Relationships she was writing. I said of course she could. So she did. The book, A Guide to Tarot and Relationships, by Andria K. Molina, finally came out back in December. Shortly after the publisher emailed me asking me if I’d be interested in having the deck published, too. Hey! Hey! Olay! Olay! Naturally, I said yes. And if all goes well the deck will re-incarnate in physical form in about a year or 18 months’ time. So, to go with the cards I’ve left here as a sample, the waiting period, the limbo has ended, it would seem. A burst of cretaive energy has entered my life and clobbered me in the head. Now I need to focus on the work ahead (apparently I MUST write a wee booklet to accompany the cards; in case they feel lonely?), revise them and get them ready for publication so that eventually they can hang in my very own Garden of Delights. The End. For now.

I know, I know… We don’t need yet another Tarot deck. But life IS a bitch, so here it is.

Update 25/09/10

Well, it’s finished and ready to go. Awaiting that phantomatic enlightened, adventurous, ground-breaking courageous publisher, it can now be used for free online readings at:


Better than a poke in the eye with the  Fool’s sharp wand, innit?


52 Responses to Tarot Deck

  1. Irvina Mitchell says:

    Dolores, I would love to hear what is behind your Magician. I can’t quite figure that one out…. And the 5 of Pentacles is fantastic imagery. I am going to be comparing it with all the other 5’s in different decks and see what I come up with. I always get excited about new decks. Thank you!! >> Irvina

  2. S. says:

    I Love your cards!
    Do you know when you will be finished I would like to purchase? 🙂


  3. Melpomen says:

    Oh well, after reading your prose about yourself, i doubt this will make any difference to your day but hell, lady, you’re good. Uncompromising, sharp, witty and so bloody creative. And i feel this huge love behind the black humor, believe me. Thumbs up! that is, if i had some. I am only a stray cat after all… (purr)

  4. Maria says:

    Love your deck too and also will be in the queue to purchase if you go to sell. You can always have another creative tarot. Love your other work too esp some of the animals.

  5. Tarot Cards says:

    Wow just found your site in google.. Love your post on Tarot Deck |!

  6. Ann Livingston says:

    Hello. I love your tarot cards. Please put me on your list to purchase these cards when they are ready. Can’t wait! Thanks!

    • Dolores says:

      Will do Ann (or Maria?), as soon as I find a publisher!
      BTW, how did you come across it and my site? I’m always curious to know.
      All the best.

  7. Pathwalker says:

    Love the cards! Found you via Aeclectic, looking at B&W decks, but circular decks are my vice, so this is just the best. Always like to look at the Hermit and Death in new packs, and like both those cards very much, so off for a close-up.
    Good luck with finding that publisher, and I would happily go on your list for purchase 🙂

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks, Helen. So glad to be able to (potentially & subject to publisher being found!) to feed your vice. I love round decks myself. My Hermit extends her mirror-wink to you.
      Be well.

  8. Holly says:

    I discovered your website when I was look for info on Pamela Coleman Smith. I enjoyed seeing your artwork. LOVE the tarot card deck and would like to be put on the list for purchase when you find a publisher. Your site was my afternoon delight! Thanks!

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks, Holly. And you’re now on The Phantom List. As soon as I find a publisher (or an honest printer), it’ll become The List. Thanks for the visit to the Souk!

  9. Dennise says:

    I am in love with your deck! Please put me on the list to be alerted when you go to print!
    Beautiful work!

    • Dolores says:

      Will do, Dennise. But, …it may be sometime. I still haven’t got a publisher. Thanks for the comment, anyway.

  10. Dolores says:

    Thanks, molijana (miranda?)! Woe is me, too. I keep on getting my deck rejected by publishers. Well, two of the bigger ones, anyway. (Who at least replied with some feedback; the other two didn’t even “bovvered” with a reply, the rude gits…). The reason why they rejected it is that is 1) round and 2) black & white. Oh, well. What can a Gorgon do but keep on trying? 🙂 I will keep you posted. Thanks for liking my untidy Souk, too.
    I checked the link. Small world… In my last professional incarnation I was a mental health worker (not a “proper” SW, though). I will visit the site again. I never lost an interest in that field.

  11. Irvina Mitchell says:

    I cannot understand any publisher that would reject this deck. Revisiting here, your art work amazes me! Dang nab it, I want you deck in my hot little hand. And I would buy it because 1) it is round and 2) it is in black and white! My oh my. Maybe self publish? I do wish you the best of good fortune in finding just the right way to set your deck on it’s journey …. hmm, right to me LOL ♥

  12. Karen Karlovich says:

    I found your deck doing a google search on the Ace of Swords, via Living Tarot on facebook. After scrolling through dozens of images yours popped out at me. Your work is fascinating. I especially love the cats found in so many of the cards. I so hope you find a publisher. I want these beautiful cards! Please add me to your list. Have you tried Llewellyn in the states? Karen

  13. Saskia says:

    What a gorgeous deck! I love what you have done. I really hope you will publish this deck one day. Please keep me posted. Thanks!

  14. Lien says:

    I really want this deck. Can’t wait for it to be published. Will you please let me know?

  15. James Wells says:

    Round cards rule! And black and white is so delicious. This tarot deck needs to be published. Have you tried http://www.tarotmediacompany.com ?


    • Dolores says:

      Thank so much, James. I love it when anyone appreciates the B&W side of my deck! 🙂 And no, I didn’t even know the company you mention. I’m off to explore the link. I’ve tried several publishers, so far with zilch-zero-nada success. They either object to the roundness, or to the B&W, or they plead “bad times”/crisis/whatnot. (Self-publishing is out of the question for a variety of reasons I won’t bore you with…). Thanks again for the kind comment and the tip. Stay wonderful.

  16. Ellen says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I love this tarot deck! I’ve worked with the tarot since I was about 16 at which time my mother purchased my first deck for me. Amazingly that was 40 years ago! Where does the time go? Since then I’ve become an avid collector. Some decks I acquire solely because they are so aesthetically pleasing to me, even though they don’t speak to me on a spiritual level. Your deck, however, is not only incredibly beautiful, but it speaks very strongly to me on the spiritual plane. For this reason, when your deck becomes available for purchase, I hope that you inform not only me, but the hundreds of others whom I’m sure share my love for your deck. I can’t wait for the publication date!
    Thank You, Ellen

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks, Helen. I certainly will keep you posted, if there be good news on the publishing front. I’ve tried a few publishers but so far no joy. They seem to be put off either by the B&W or the roundness. Oh, well…
      Thanks for your kind comments.

  17. I’m in the process of completing my own deck – B&W too! Have just had my first refusal on the grounds of them being B&W – I guess most publishers will always go for the highly detailed, highly coloured and fanciest decks. Hoping we both find one that is able to be a bit more adventurous!!!

    • Dolores says:

      Nice to have a travelling companion of sorts, Eleanor! I don’t understand why B&W art, in general, is so under-appreciated. B&W has a drama all of its own, doesn’t it? Your own deck looks beautiful, going by the wee sample I’ve seen. Next time I’ll register and login so I can see more of it. Meanwhile, thanks for the comment and the good wishes. Stay groovy.

  18. Karen Marion says:

    I love your new deck and dearly hope you find a publisher. This is the first round deck I’ve felt attracted to. Your work is brilliant, and I wish you all the luck in the world. Yes, the world does need another tarot deck! 🙂

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks, Karen. Appreciation much appreciated. For the time being I’ve given up trying to find a publisher -as I noticed the lack of succcess was diminishing my wiil to live…:-) As for one more deck…whatta hell. Why not? Lets add to the heap. The more the merrier. My love to your beautiful greyhounds (I breed I dearly love, too) and your graphics. Stay groovy.

  19. Ann says:

    Hi! I have been waiting patiently for this deck. Is it going to be published in 2012? If so, who will be publishing it so I can haunt their website!!! Thanks for creating one of the finest decks I have ever seen!

    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! It will be a great one for you!!!1

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks, Maria. The deck is not going to be published in 2012 as far as I can tell. Publishers seem massively reluctant to tackle either its roundness or its B&W-ness. Or perhaps they don’t like it, who knows. Later in 2012, though, it’s going to feature in a forthcoming book by Andria Molina and published by Schifer on relationships and Tarot. If you’re interested I can keep you posted. Thanks for you kind comments. Have a lovely Xmas & New Year!

  20. Sarah Adams says:

    I really want to carry this deck in my store! It is so beautiful. You should publish it yourself if no one else will. I hope the universe conspires to make it so.
    So be it.

    • Dolores says:

      Hello, Sarah! I wish I could grant your wish to have my deck in your store. I can’t find a single solitary publisher willing to take the risk, unfortunately. As for publishing it myself, I’m yet to find a printer that will no charge me a fortune I haven’t got. Still, I keep on searching. Never say die. I love your sweet conspiratorial hopes about the universe. May it please to hear us. 🙂 If it does, I’ll keep you posted. Stay well.

  21. Irvina says:

    Every so often, about three time a year, I come back and look at your cards, Dolores. I want them so bad. Every time I come back I have a different ‘favorite’ card. Tonight it is the Tower. She just out grew the wall holding her in, didn’t she? Burst it wide open, she did!! Please keep trying to get published. I think I will write all the publishers I know telling the I want a deck with round black & white cards! Yeah… that’s what I will do.

    • Dolores says:

      Thank you, darling. This comment’s cheered me up. You know, I’m beginning to seriously want them too, by now. I was thinking how much I like my own little Hermit, with her cheery familiars and her cheeky winks…:-) I wish you all the best in your quest for an adventurous publisher. Me, I’ve all but lost the will to try. You’d not believe how many I’ve contacted. They seldom take the trouble to even reply with a rejection, you know, common courtesy & all that. Oy… I’m still trying for a friendly printer, though. If I could manage to self-publish say 30 or 40 decks, that’d keep you, kind, faithful lot happy, innit. I’ll keep you posted, be sure of that. Stay groovy.

  22. Jessica says:

    I feel like I have been coveting this deck forever! I love the black-and-white, the roundness, all of it. It is absolutely beautiful. I know you said you’ve been looking and looking for a publisher or a printer, but I just want to throw this out there: Have you looked into thegamecrafter.com?

    Wishing you all the best <3

    • Dolores says:

      Dear Jessica. Thanks for your lovely comment. And for once, I may have good news. I’ve just got a spontaneous proposal to publish it from Schiffer! If things pan out as they ought to I will tell you as soon as possible. As for your tip/lead, Schiffer’s offer aside, I was beginning to totally loose hope/patience/ will to fight on that subject. I got so fed up with rude publisgers that never even bothered to reply to my enquiries, you know. But who knows? Schiffer might be serious. Fingers crossed! Stay wonderful.

  23. Jessica says:

    Wonderful news! I will keep checking back for updates.

  24. Saskia says:

    I am so glad to hear your deck will be published! I absolutely love it and always hopes it would be published some day. Congratulations!

  25. This is one of the most compelling decks I’ve seen. I can think of many women who would relate to it. I’ll keep an eye on this page as well. Hoping someday to have it all to myself 🙂

    • Dolores says:

      Thanks,Terri. You may well have your own deck soon-ish. It’s, right now, somewhere in the in-tray of my editor and the deck (plus wee companion booklet) shouild come out next spring or thereabouts. I’ll keep you posted. Stay well.

  26. Aunty Janie says:

    Hello Dolores, Do you have any idea of when your marvelous deck will be available? May I put my name on a waiting list? I am looking forward to soon being able to to have this deck happily residing in my home! what a wonderful deck you have created!

    • Dolores says:

      Sooooon come, Janie. It can already be pre-ordered from Amazon (alas…) and even (oh woe is me!) WalMart. Thanks awfully for all the lovely compliments, too.

  27. Aunty Janie says:

    Hello Dolores,

    Thank you.
    I shall pre-order on Amazon!

  28. Little Red says:

    Okay. I’m about 13 months late to this party but… woohoooo! Is this still on the cards (groan)?! Cus if so I wanna be first in line for a deck!
    very belated congratulations 😀

  29. Little Red says:

    Oh I see just seen the last post re Amazon – ICK…have a long-running boycott. But am about to open my own online tarot shop…perhaps we do business yes yes?
    Loves! xxx

    • Dolores says:

      Hey, hey Beth! How nice to hear from you. Yes, the deck is on pre-order at the bloodyawful Amazon…as well as the other online monsters, even onto China (not to say WallMart…for shame!!!!). But you can buy it directly from Schffer, I daresay, although it’s likely to be a tad more expensive. On the other hand, I could order copies from Schiffer ( at a discount) and send you one. The deck is not out properly and I’m not sure when exactly it’ll be. End of April? May? But I’ll keep yopu posted.
      As for doing business together, sounds like a yes-yes! What did you have in mind?
      Stay in touch, missy-much-missed. 🙂
      Dodo (Undead)

  30. Little Red says:

    Haha! Saw the decks on Schiffer and would totes go this route if I couldn’t get direct from you.
    Thanks Dodo – I will email re my ideas 🙂

  31. Dovechick says:

    I’ve been waiting for a deck such as this, I love it, and want one… Like others here I would rather not buy from Amazon, there is another site that has a pre-order option:bookdepository.com (or .co.uk if you are in the UK like me). The only downside of buying locally is that the price is nearly double. When it first appeared for preorder it was £27.99 and now it is £45. Which in dollars is equivalent to $76. I’m going to have to wait and see what happens when it is actually published.

    • Dolores says:

      Dear Michele,
      This is very odd. The price as set by Schiffer’s is $45. How can it be £45, is beyond me. I haven’t checked the pre-order sites for a while, as the deck is not due to come out until 28 June. I’ll have a quick shufti anyway, particularly at the Book Depository. But at a pinch you could try either Schiffer’s own site; or let me know and I’ll see what I can swing.
      You’re righ in not wantig to buy from the bully Amazon. Still, it’s not quite so bad as buying it from Walmart/Asda, innit? (Not joking. Walmart has it for, I think, $ 30 or so. Big Big Sigh…)
      Thanks for keeping me in the loop, by the way.
      Stay well

  32. Dovechick says:

    Thanks Dolores, I’ll keep an eye on things and come back if I can’t find it at a reasonable cost. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. When I first found it, it was going to be available the day before my birthday (30th April) and my children were going to buy it as a present. I’m determined to have one, I’ve been looking for a round deck with stylish design and a feminist outlook for a long time. The Motherpeace tarot caught my interest because of its woman based imagery but I found the artwork quite off putting. Your deck has it all for me.

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