A time for silly posts, obviously. Here’s the threatened second version of The Shoggoth in Splendour. I’d quite like to produce a third. Perhaps a resplendent B&W one. On the more serious side, the deck (plus companion booklet) has entered the pre-production phase. We’re talking size of the cards, boxing, cover design, etc. End of news bulletin. Enjoy the pub sign. Come in, have a pint or two. Sing a merry song of destruction and waste. Toast Mother Entropy. Don’t worry, be loopy. Update 24/09/13 Threatened with the Nth. rerun of The Deer Hunter, a film I’ve never been able to watch for more that 20 minutes without falling asleep, I decided to bring back the Rehab Lab and do my own new, improved version. The three geezers had been picking e-dust in my hard drive for years so I gave them an outing. Too bad that on their way back from the late night shops and to a right riotous binge, they were ambushed by Lavinia (who had been practicing saying ‘and them over, sunshine! for weeks) and her gang of merry monsters and mugged on the spot, poor mites. NB. The Repulsive MoonBeast was going to push the getaway trolley but got fabulously drunk while waiting for the action so the Shoggies had to push it instead. Oh dear… Update 08/10/13 Another Primitive Device/Flash hybrid. Meet the Rain-Bearing Spider. A nicer monster you’ll not meet anywhere this side of Andromeda, but she’s hardly ever welcome because she, well, brings rain. And what rain! Pure star quality rain. But still, folks shout at her and call her names. Ungrteful wretches one and all. Update 15/10/13 Did I mention I’ve got a new toy? A tablet. A Samsung Galaxy. NOT an iPad. Anyway…I’ve been experimenting with some of the (mostly crappy) free drawing tools one can download from the dreaded google store. Here be the second product. The Plot: The Flutterby and SpiderGirl have been fighting. Nobody remembers what about. This is odd because generally they are the best of friends. In any case, the ding-dong got so bad, and so got on folks’ tits, that finally they were indicted and made to appear before the Supreme Court/Grand Jury. The Honourable Oops ibn Niggurath was awfully stern (also very odd, very out of character) and threatened them with exile to Magaluf if they didn’t patch their quarrel and behave like the sentient creatures they are supposed to be. That scared them all right. They shook feelers and went off to have Compromise Therapy with Zippy, who runs a free, open-to-all service (as well as her beauty consultancy). Last reports indicate they are getting along nicely again. I like a happy ending… Update 21/10/13 The story so far. The Strop-Shubbubah, a cousin four times and two dimensions removed from the Shub-Niggurath, has recently fallen out with her ineffable relative over a small trifle about who whould take over the country once -and if, Catalonia became independent from Spain. Silly, really. The chances of the region becoming a proper state in her own right are not only non-existent (Rajoy will send in the marines) but also impractical, since Catalonia has no industry to speak of other than “services”, whorehouses and clip joints. Still, the two august lassies have entered a bitter morass of dirty politics and dirtier tricks to enlist followers, simpatizers and fellow-travellers. Here you can see the BubbahBaby trying to seduce two wandering Shoggoths into joining her camp. She has inveigled the poor Ball Flowers, who are congenitally naive, too good natured for their own good and terribly hedonistic to boot, into conducting a campaign of recruitment on her behalf with lavish promises of endless whoopy and sponditious parties with brass knobs and bells and whistles an’ all. The Shoggies, who weren’t born yesterday, are not buying it, obviously. Besides, they’ve got Edwina in tow providing the soundtrack with her vast repertoire of old Republican songs. My money is on the Shoggies counter-persuading the globular lovelies into absconding with them, and making a bid for liberating the Enslaved Larva into the bargain. Easy task, I thik. Most of the Flowers (especially the Flowerettes) are already half in love with the bulky beasties and Edwina is much taken with the poor Larva. Up the Revolution, chaps! Next chapter: A Propaganda Poster saying “!Catalunya per la Shub-Niggurath!” to be used in my forthcoming visit to my birthplace. My li’l bro and I intend to stage a demo, up & down the Ramblas, brandishing said placard and solemnly reciting, over and over: Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’ngal fhtagn. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Update 29/10/13 Here is the promised poster. Behold, how the Smith Orphans are pissing themselves at the pathetic, deluded antics of the nationaliotic zombies.  They want Milady’s power for themselves. They think they can bribe her with botifarra amb mongetes. Ha! ía, ía, Shub-Niggurath! I hope she eats them all.