Month: June 2024

Thinking About…

Odd Thoughts. Yes, he has some very strange thoughts. Often verging on the heretical. And so us do, too. Join us.:-)

Orderly Chaos

Obfuscation. And how much worse have things got since the little bastard said that, 20 years ago. And how much worse will they get! The New Realities, the New (Sub?)Normals, the New Norms -that change almost from one month to the next, the New Catechisms, the New Rights and the New Duties, the New Friends and the Newly minted Enemies… And the old, the very, very old song. The Siren’s Song that has a thousand masks and one single face. Like the famous Holywood chocolates: twelve flavours, one taste.
Have a splendid week…if you can.

Haunting Spectres

Phantoms. Yes, they float indeed. Sometimes with great difficulty. But they persist. And so do we.