Long live the Rehab-Lab! This item is one of the really special ones. You know these horrible English filums that English people like so much only because they are English? It would be OK if they liked the bloody dreary things and left the rest of us alone but, oh, no! They do go on , and on, and on. And they don’t stop until you’ve sat down and watched it, and got enormously bored and irritated and in a murderous mood. And then you tell them you think the movie is total crap and they look hurt, and then offended, and finally they say you just can’t appreciate them because you’re a sad little foreigner. That sort of thing. I can’t be the only one who’s “been there”. For they who know what I’m talking about… Update 15/02/10. It never rains… Plus  two more cards. Update 16/02/10 And two more. Seven to go, folks. Hai! Hai!