Here’s the latest (and possibly the last for a wee while) of the Flick’r Friends series. This one is for Marcella aka Viavisconti, and her new nephew, baby Federico. Update 24/07/10 Here be a newly evolved version of an old caper. Now I really like it! Update 28/07/10. And here be another recycled, or rather, actually finished version of something truly ancient, Reversal of Fortunes, and a proper, new thing., Leaky Penguins. As I’ve  said elsewhere, my fingers have been itching to do something on the subject of “spies”. The Second Coming of the Great Wikileaks “scandal” was the catalyst wot sparked the graphic revolution. I say second coming, because that Wikileaks saga’s been going on for quite a while, really. Some of the stuff exposed by it has been doing the rounds on the net for yonks. But of course, it didn’t acquire its new-improved-hallowed Scandal Status until sanctified by the New York Times and the Guardian. Well, good luck to all concerned. Update 26/08/10 I’m nearly at the end of a massive Iain M. Banks marathon. What on Earth will I do when I run out of Cuture novels Bumba alone knows. Meanwhile I’m having a totally groovy time. And in my “copious” spare time, I try to draw some of the weird & wonderful characters one finds in them. Here goes one modest example. The other pic is just to announce that the not-too-bad ship Nogoodnik (sister of the Refusenik), has graced my shores once more and, as usual, brought gifts with her. Bumba bless wayward ships!