Month: May 2024

Lotta Continua

Faces2. Thoughts can, sometimes, with a bit of luck and the right conditions (and sometimes the wrong ones, alas), become actions. Let us think the correct ones and see what happens. The tide seems to be turning and although toothless and probably ephemeral it’s better than the proverbial wet kipper.
PS. Manolito, the Hardy Perennial Alien, has temporarily emerged from his anchorite retreat to endorse and encourage the two little Croydonian fellows in their endeavour. He’s aided and abated by the Perpetual Peon wielding the Sacred Crikkitt Bat for good measure. Have a spiffing week

Crushing Pain

Crumpled. No comment necessary. As for the rant…I’ve nothing to say that hasn’t been said already, often better than I could say it. Not that many people seem to be listening or even giving a toss, worse luck. I do have a couple of thoughts hatched out of this whole horrid business but I don’t feel like uploading them today. Perhaps later, in a couple of days, when I feel less wobbly.
Have a good rest of the week and spare a thought for the victims of all the ghastly lies that politicians and their enslaved minions, the MSM, keep on feeding us, relentlessly and ruthlessly.

Another Year, Another Gripe

Squiggly Garden. And so another birthday looms, descends and pouff! it’s gone. (77 is not a boring number but it’s perilously close to 80.) The Family insists that I have a good one but the prevailing winds are not auspicious and the atmospheric conditions are pretty crappy. Too many bad news personal and political. Too much stupidity in the air and too many deaths or impending deaths all around. Still, a girl tries, doesn’t she? Be it only to please my wee monsters.

Bloody Jokers

Boo3. A slightly belated April’s Fool doodah. For all the ghastly genocidal clowns wot rule this crappy Grand Guignol and their gruesome jokes that leave thousands and thousands of dead innocents behind, from Gaza to the Outback. May you all get shingles.