Today I’d like to introduce the few lost souls that ever visit this souk to the art & craft of one of my favourite contacts on Flick’r. I don’t know much about him. He calls himself El Señor Botijo,  he lives in Leuret, a non-existent town not far from where the glorious Don Luis (Buñuel) was born, and  he’s got a fixation with botijos. If you don’t know what a botijo is I feel very, very sorry for you, which is, in part, why I’m hanging one of his pics here. The other part is that I really, really like his stuff, obsessional and one-track-minded though it is. Or perhaps because of it. His montages seldom fail to cheer me up, when not make piss with laughter. I dare say, this says nearly as much about me as it does about him. Anyways, here goes the first of a series of offerings from the gifted toolbox of a true maverick. El Señor Botijo does other stuff that doesn’t contain botijos. It’s also very surreal and very good and often includes sardines. Or what I like to imagine are sardines. One of these days, if you’re  good, I’ll tell you why botijos and sardines float so freely and profusely in an out of the Spanish psyche of a whole generation. The pic I hang here today I’ve entitled Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Botijo (Our Lady of the Perpetual Botijo), because its author couldn’t be asked to give it a proper title. Mind you, he wrote a very funny caption to go with it. You can go check that I no lie by either dropping in on his site  (  or by going to Flick’r.  One more thing and I’m done. So that OLOTPB won’t feel lonely, I’m hanging next to it an old image I did years ago, in a fit of nostalgia for darling Don Luis. Only those who know well his films will know what I’m on about. Life is a bitch. And Aragon rocks. PS. I was almos forgetting. A botijo is what Our Lovely Lady is carrying in both her delicious hands. Blessed be! 27/01/10 Here, have some more “botijerias”. They’s good for you. Update 10/03/10 Have another Botijada!