Month: January 2023

The Tenderness of the Fishis

Forest2. Pity the poor wee fishis wot have got the serious megrims owing to the all-pervading, all-invading and all-corrupting stupidity that is running wild al over our poor wretched societies -all of them. Stay groovy.

Gone Voynich. 2

Gone Voynich 2. And here’s the second.

Gone Voynich. 1

Gone Voynich 1 First of a mini-series based on some of the illustrations found in the mysterious Voynich Manuscript. The fact that to this day it has not been determined whether it is the real Macoy (i.e., genuine), or its date, let alone its authorship, is irrelevant to my purpose, which is to have enormous fun “doing things” to some of the plates. There will be more. Have a grand weekend.

Repetitions & Reiterations

Mixed Blessings. aka Por mucho pan nunca mal año. This 2023 is likely to be so crappy that this greetings double-bubble amounts to a sort of sympathetic, or rather, propitiatory magic. Keep it sweet, laud it even before it gets going (Like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize…). Say what a wonderful, big year it’s going to be, how full of joy and prosperity for all, how peaceful and war-free…and so on; see if it sinks. Or in the words of the immortal Forges, “Si cuela , cuela…” Party on, dudes!

Y Uno De Propina.

Brief Encounter 9.1. Breaking the tradition of starting the year (or trying to…) on a cheery note, I hereby present you with the First Rant of 2023! Ta da! It”s a nice, all-purpose generic rant. A sort of DIY Rant-O-Meter. Have fun. Love and anchovy salad. The sneaky quotation is from Eric Fromm’s On Disobedience. (Highly recommended reading.)

Happy (?) Days…

As it says on the tin. Have the best possible one. Dissent. Annoy. Irritate. Indict. Denounce. Be loud. Refuse. Etc. You know the drill by now. And have a sponditious 2023 in spite of It All and to spite Henry Kissinger, as ever. Love and shortbread (Scottish ilk).