Spikky’s Rants

Say hello to Spikky, the Spaniard in the Works. See her pontificate about this & that & The Other.

3 Responses to Spikky’s Rants

  1. Melpomen says:

    Page 7 is my new Bible. Amen. Thank you for the kick in the a** associated to the pad on the shoulder. How did you do that? I mean both, at the same time… Nevermind. I just needed it. To make sure i am not completely wrong and completely alone here. See, bringing up kittens in this crazy world is not easy. You take care Spikky/Gorgon/Dolores/Old Witch 🙂

  2. dolores says:

    Dear Mel(?)
    Did I reply to your kind message by other means/channels/conduits? Or am I finally loosing it? That’s the problem with being a Gorgon. You tend to loose your head…
    If I didn’t, I do now. Thanks for liking Spikky but beware ! Look at the advice given on page 8. Have NO Bibles. Not even Gorgonic ones! Still, keep buying the cat’s biscuits (and give Noam a chance). Many miawos.

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