Two main events are approaching. On 16th it’ll be two years since my friend Ash went and left us. Bummer, bugger and blast. This is for him. As mourning cards, or memorials, or whatever it is you call these things, it’s not particularly orthodox, but Ash would have liked it, and, more to the point, would have got the joke. Peace to your particles, baby! On the 21st it’ll be the Solstice, the return of the light. I’ll be then uploading my yearly whoopy-olay-olay card. Update 13/12/14 Here’s a wee bit of economics for people who find difficult to understand economics. The story so far: Accused of fickleness and blamed for the high cost of living by Mrs Worm, her children and all her market comadres, the poor Pound makes a feeble stab at self-defence. Have some heart, folks. Update 17/12/14 The Solstice is nearly upon us, poor light-starved peasants. I know it won’t make much difference to the amount of daylight to be had, not for a while anyways. But my blood will know the end is nigh. And soon, soon, soon  it’ll be February and the first almost invisible buds will pop out and the air will smell better even if it’s pissing down. And all that. So, here’s the seasonal greetings. Have a nice Solstice, folks. If you feel like it, sacrifice a few bastards to Mrs WinteryWitch, in whose cosmic brewing womb stars nest and nothing is wasted. Ií¤, ií¤ Shub-Niggurath! (For good measure.) Update 26/12/14 Nearly there. Another year come & gone & all that & what have I got to show for it? Well, there’s the deck, of course. And the New Style, which nobody seems to like except the usual suspects (ie El Caffarenito and the Arcurioso) and, perhaps, the delightful Maiden on the Boat. Other than that, Flickr maintains a stony silence and Ipernity’s little better in the way of plain feedback -let alone stimulation. (Mind you, nothing could be worse that that “LOL! Cute.” of DevianArt sad fame. I’m seriously considering getting out of Ipernity just as I left DeviantArt. And I think I will as soon as I reach the freebie upload limit. Flickr’s paid for another two years, alas, so I might as well hang on on to it.) And my back aches like fuck and I’m slowly starving for the lack of intellectual nourishment, and… Ah, enough with the bitching. Remember what you need to remember and get on with it, girlie. Here be the latest. Meet young Svengali the Mesmeric Monster and his compliant Bubbles, and a couple of (old) Shoggies who know how to travel in style. Would that I was half as sorted as they! Oh, well… Update 31/12/14 So, indeed, coming soon…another year. And so it goes. Here’s the customary end-of-the-year card, hosted this time by the deck’s Hermit, as it’s only fair & proper; it has been their year. Well done cards. Let’s hope 2015 might be the year of the Shoggies. A girl MUST dream! Happy New Year everyone.