With a Heavy Heart. Julian Beck said, back when: “We live in a system that manufactures sorrow.” And also: “…uprising is the reversal of the system, and revolution is the turning of tides.”
Personally I never cared much for Mr. Beck, whom I regarded as a bit of a tosser and not at all trustworthy but hey! even the village idiot can come out with pearls of perceptive wisdom now and then. And he was dead right on that one. We live inside and under a system that breeds nothing but solid wretchedness and delusional happiness (aka Happyness). Oh, well…
A small word on broken hearts. Mine has broken scores of times, and I’ve put it back together as many. By now it’s mostly superglue so it no longer breaks. But, by gum! it does get seriously heavy on almost daily basis. The malice, the dishonesty, the cruelty that The System excretes constantly and relentlessly is bad enough. Lately, though, what truly really gets me is the stupidity. And the sheer ugliness of it all. Thank Bumba for the foxes and the neighbour’s cats!
Waiting for the tides to turn, have a sponditious weekend. And un po’ di mu’: