Into the Vortex. Yes. Of course. By all means. Do. Fragment yourselves into a myriad sub, sub-sub and sub-sub-sub grouplets. Defend your tiny ideological patches ferociously, to the death if necessary. Break up with all those heretics that don’t agree with you 100% and hound them down till you can stand proud over their miscreant carcasses. Feel splendidly virtuous about it. Enhance your inner inquisitor and massage your self-self-esteem. And then obey, unquestioningly, the most trivial directive from Them Above. And when you and your neighbours, and your neighbour’s neighbours are all mince meat, then it’ll be time to integrate with Azathoth, who’s already ascending from the depths of its own hideous pandemonium and…coming to get you.
Divide and be ruled.