Furious Flowers. aka Pre-emptive Strike. No.1
Ours is the first age in which many thousands of the best-trained individual minds have made a full-time business to get inside the collective public mind. To get inside in order to manipulate, exploit, control is the object now. And to generate heat not light is the intention. Marshal McLuhan
Things out there are getting so bizarre, so very Ligottian that I’ve decided to hang my prophet’s hat. For a while, anyway. I honestly cannot predict what They will think of next to scare the living daylights out of us peasants. Could be anything or everything. Global warming and the need to freeze, smell and live in semi darkness? (So that Las Sodding Vegas can stay lit up 24/7 like a vulgar Christmas tree and Their fucking golf courses endlessly irrigated.) Food chain collapse and the virtue of eating grasshoppers? (So that They can keep on guzzling the Krug and stuffing Their slimy gobs with organic fettuccine.) “Russian” bots taking over the internet ergo the absolute necessity to have every word we utter constantly monitored, controlled and, if need be, censured/cancelled/penalized/incinerated by the Thought Police?) A small but very loud frightful army of Shirleys (or Lorettas) imposing their Victim’s Intrinsic Virtue upon the rest of womankind? Our thoroughly justified despondency pathologized, if not actually criminalized, by the Happyness (sic) Industrial Complex and forcibly vaccinated by the Hallowed Therapies Mafias? Who knows. Your guess is as good as anyone’s.
But that’s no reason not to rant, rave and complain vociferously and denounce, indict and fume. So, here are the Furious Flowers doing just that. See them incandescent and kicking a big fuss about…anything you thing should be fair game. Plenty to choose from. All you have to do is listen to the BBC for just half an hour, (or to Lee Anderson for a mere ten minutes: see https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/may/11/tory-mp-condemned-after-blaming-food-poverty-on-lack-of-cooking-skills), or have a quick shufti at the Guardian’s “lifestyle” section and Robert Balfour is you proverbial.
I hereby attach a helpful example of Guardian piffle. (Sweet Mother of Bumba, but am I glad I’m not John Crace!)
Have a splendid, wobble-free week.

Stop Press. Re. The Next Big Scare. ‘ere, how about UFOs? I mean, think twice before flying a kite. It might be mistaken for a “Chinese” (or even Alien) spy balloon
Stop Stop Press. I think I will put back my Cassandra Hat. Here’s why:
If “They” know how to exploit this one, it could be the next Big Scare. (I said that a couple of years ago, a year into the Ukraine Panto, just as a joke, but, hey, you never know, do you? 🙂 )