Wee Ghosties. aka Anti-Valentine 2023. The annual Mush-Fest approaches if, just like last year, in a queerly listless manner and at a laggardly pace. Which is not surprising, given that antagonism, hostility and naked hatred are becoming the default positions all over the place. (Must be the abiding effects of all that “social” distancing bollocks that the We-The-People bought so blithely three years gone.) Anyways… That’s not stopping us from keeping faith with our own anti-shindig, except that this year, as we all feel very tired, a little lazy and kind of reticent, we have delegated the organizing and running of the blessed thing to an enigmatic entity that calls itself…The Entity, look you. It comes highly recommended by both the Shub-Niggurath and the GorgoMormo, who swear themselves blue that It is a true genius at creating and managing all sort of outrageous riots, parties, shows and other social events. Now, we know that the ineffable Shubby is many things but not exactly reliable in her assessments, but her rating of this particular creature is backed by the beautiful GorgoMormo, who is. So we are all half agog with anticipation and expectation and whatnots and well disposed to like anything said Entity throws at us as long as we don’t have to lift a finger, tentacle, pseudopod, encephalopod, forcipule, feeler, antenna, claw or whatever Nature (or Chaos) has been kind enough to endow us with. Kudos to Idleness! We will be carried to the secret venue by a specially licenced Byakhee procession. You’re all welcome, of course, if you can find the invites -soon to be deposited in the as yet undisclosed dead-drops- by yourselves. I’d suggest a few burnt offerings to Hypnos and a special postulation to Great Cthulhu. Love, vodka, cupcakes and grooviness to all!