Flames. The dark season approaches; soon the clocks will go back. Light tumbles. Darkness engulfs all. Oh woe.
We thought the political pantomime couldn’t get any more pathetic but guess what? it did. And it’s not over yet. Bumba alone knows where all this is going to end. Never mind. Tie yourselves to the mast and sail away from the rocks, the rapids and the temptations of Best-Selling Wisdom.
You’ll need to make your own light, though, for if you rely on the regular state-sanctioned channels to tell you what is really going on you’ll only get deeper into the stranglehold of the pitch-black pit of orthodoxy than you ever though possible. Moreover, never forget that once you loose your soul’s eyes for good it’s nearly impossible to retrieve them by painless means. Or even in very painful ways, sometimes…
Have a radiant week.
They who have put out the people’s eyes reproach them of their blindness.
John Milton