Cave Dancers. The week begins with good news, look you! Deep in an underground cavern not far from Uluru a new kid is beginning to manifest on the protection racket block: a brand new custodian, tutelary entity, cosmic avenger, whathaveyou. He be Flaming Dingo, known amongst some heretic Norse peoples as Angel Wolf. He be fiery and fierce and immense fun to be with. The little proto-creatures witnessing the slow materialization of their new companion and caretaker are overjoyed, not to say greatly relieved. They are still at an embryonic stage and thus highly vulnerable to ruthless prospectors, uncouth social workers and the ever-creeping tourist trade. The Shoggies, conscientious detectors & reporters of all groovy events, observe and record for posterity. We dance with the incipient organisms and drink their health and that of the new Wild Thing come into our midst. Glory be and double whoopee!

PS/Warning. A couple of the wee dancing thingummies have since absconded and gone travelling independently. We’ll report on their adventures, discoveries, encounters and whatnots later on, as news of their Odyssey emerge (via the Mi-Go, who, as everybody knows, are a bunch of congenital nosy Parkers and always, but always! know what everybody’s doing to everybody else, how and where they are doing it and even why they are doing it. What’s more, the Mi-Go are absolutely accurate and reliable, unlike the BBC or TV3 (the Catalan autocratic regime channel).