Scare a Panda Day. Yes folks, it’s that crappy time of the year wot comes every couple of months or thereabouts: it’s pick on China/Russia/Iran/Cuba/Venezuela, or any other country that refuses to obey the diktats of the Saviour of the World. And I woz finkin’ to meself Dodo, me old mucker, it’s far too long since you’ve had a rant, big or small, on this vex subject. And lo! whilst browsing the free stickers storehouse that came with my latest toy app, I came across a clip-art panda that was screaming “Rescue me!.. So I did. (Thinking back, I remembered that I do have a tradition of sorts of using pandas -clip-art or otherwise- in this “aren’t politicians ghastly?. context.) So here’s the young beastie. Not so much scared as utterly bored and more than a little irritated. Pandas are placid creatures. They like peace & quiet, the good life, bamboo forests, lazing in the sun, falling off logs gracefully and making more pandas. As for the Chinese themselves, it’ll be a cold day in hell before they are frightened by the bully-boy tactics of the Deluded Hegemon but I’m sure that they are as bored as the pandas. As for me (myself and my 371 alter egos), my poor old tits can hardly bear the weight that crushes them any time I check the indentured meeja on this subject. Yes, I know, I should keep away from the Guardian and El Paí­s et al. But…but! an efficient survivor needs to keep pace with how the enemy thinks, innit? Anyway, alegrí­a, alegrí­a, the weekend is near. Have a spiffing one and stay as sane as circumstances will permit. Love and bamboo shots.