Capricorn. The Goat (The Goat-Fish to the Babylonians). Earth. Cardinal. Saturn cloaked. The rock climber par excellence, this beastie will navigate the most hazardous of high terrains often with great ease and elegance. Because of its ability to get up to the high ground, it has a good overall picture of situations and goes in for long-term projects. Hard working and perseverant, heedful of its duties and respectful of the social order, for it appreciates stability, the goat-fish can lapse into dogmatic conservatism and be very impatient of points of view other than its own. Nurturing, committed and practical by nature, devoted to both knowledge and to the spreading of it, this creature can be an excellent teacher, although it can also be susceptible to behaving like a smart-ass know-it-all and occasionally try and teach you how to boil water; and then get all pissed off and huffy when you tell it that you already know how to boil water, thankyouverymuch. When they slither into this Ecclesiastes-ish mode, the best way with them is to remind them that haughty stroppiness never persuaded anyone. Capricorns find very difficult to admit they ever were wrong, for they be proud beasties, hence they’re apt to have Saturn Returns the size and consistency of a colossal iceberg. Spare a thought for them when that happens.