Sagittarius. The Archer. Fire. Mutable. Domain of Jupiter, the big cheese of Olympus. Expansive, adventurous and philosophically inclined the centaur trots merrily along whichever path her fancy takes her. Her range is wide and she travels light: her bow, an arrow or two and her wise snake, who rights all sort of wrongs and heals all kind of injuries. Warm-hearted and sincere to the point of bluntness, she has no time for euphemisms, half-truths and sentimental flim-flam. Courageous and headstrong, she doesn’t mind taking risks and occasionally she’ll gamble against heavy odds. Her pitfall is that she can get easily bored, which impinges on her perseverance. Well, that’s fire for you, innit. Still, she’s great fun to travel with and besides, soon, soon, soon she’ll be dragging the Sun back into a higher position in the sky. The Solstice is nigh, people. And Brexit might yet not happen. Rejoice. Hope. Resist. Bite!
PS. I’ve just noticed that I’ve misspelled Sagittarius on the pic. Too bad. Sorry. But it’ll have to stay this way until I do the next, new & improved version.