Lighthouse. Series New Wine in Old Bottles. A little indulgence, really. Amongst the many seldom-used drawing apps in my collection I found one that kind of mimics the good old Sonny Reader drawing tool looks. And, well, one can never have enough groovy lighthouses, does one? This one is especially luminous and the light she throws perforates and punctures sanctioned media bollocks like nobody’s business. I’ve arranged a meeting with Gorecho the poet with a view to examine in forensic detail the latest prodigious heaps-a-caca dished out stridently and relentlessly by the Guardians of Truth twenty four miserable hours a day, seven cursed days a week. The two small fishes, who organize the catering and the ex-curricular entertainment, are already deep in animated debate, bless their shiny little scales. Peace, love and an abundance of Beluga whales.