Attention. The long quotation is from Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex, a book that I’ve just started reading (a la vejez, viruelas…) and I’m quite enjoying, amongst other things because at least she had a sense of humour, unlike some second wave feminists. -let alone the third and fourth-wave ones. The Doggie’s quote graces the introduction of the same book and is by a French geezer, François Poulain de la Barre, and is one of the very (VERY) few things ever said by a bloke about women that isn’t a lot of cobblers. (In fact it’s spot on and it’s just what I’ve been saying for the past three decades.) Not that women haven’t talked (and still talk) a lot of bollocks on the very same subject, let’s be fair. But nowhere near by a long, long chalk as the self-styled masters of creation have, which has had such dismal effects on the human race at large and the female contingent in particular. PS. The Doggie’s name is Calanda. She’s not a Cagnolito of Tindalos but she’s closely related to them on her third auntie’s side.