Boulder Girl 2. This is a kind of collective birthday card/memo (a salutary reminder, lest we forget) for, in no particular order, Pakistan, myself, India in her present form, anyone who thinks they need reminding of certain facts of life and poor old recently-stabbed Salman Rushdie, whose quotation the lapidary lady is throwing at the howling night winds.
Have a splendiferous rest of the week.
Where are you now? Who lies beneath your spell tonight?
Whom else from rapture’s road will you expel tonight?

Agha Shahid Ali
And in case you’re in the mood for some totally spiffing un po’ di mu’:
PS. This is also, in a sort of roundabout sneaky way, for my mate “Yazz”, gone from the Iper.sphere and somewhat unintentionally neglected but by no means forgotten, no way.