Red Spring.
Spring is here, oh, Spring is here.
Life is skittles and life is beer.
Tom Lehrer
Or it should be. And if it isn’t is our own fault for being so/such …………………. (enter offensive terms of choice here).
And so far it’s being the typical English Spring: cold, wet, dull and Tory-ridden.
But let us try & make it the best we can, be only only to annoy The Powers That Be. Dig out your Tom Leher, your authentic bootleg Russian vodka, your Tolstoy, your Bakunin and your Rachmaninov. Defy, resist, bite and dance (The Rite of Spring, what else?) naked in the garden (weather permitting). And, above all, stay sane. Grooviness, love and borscht to you all.