Mediated Madness. A long, long time ago, around the time of the frenzy-whipping/consensus-engineering/war-dancing for the brain-sick, unjustified and thoroughly illegal invasion of Iraq, I was listening to the Today program (just to see what the enemy was up to, you understand) and a Big PunditMan (can’t remember who, nor do I want to remember…) said that hypocrisy was a wonderful thing. Imagine, he said, what a mess would it be if everybody went around saying precisely what they thought!
And so, here we are again. It’s no longer so much that we seem to be unable to learn from history, no matter how recent it may be, it’s that we are wilfully unwilling to even consider that the sky might have another side, that we (that is our masters and their interests) are NOT the “good guys” and that every US-promoted and/or backed “intervention”, either direct or by proxies, has brought nothing but unimaginable destruction and misery to the wretched intervenees.
Or perhaps this capacity to see the whole picture, the details, the fine particles, the nuances, the gradients and the subtleties, the rights and the wrongs, has already been bred out of the species. It certainly has from the MSM and its peripheral fauna. Instead, what rules the world now is the vapid, fatuous clear-cut dichotomy of the “either or”, the “you are with us or you are with the enemy”, the “us good, you bad” protocols. That and the Nixon Paradigm, of course: ‘If the president does it then is not a crime’ aka “Caesar can do no wrong”.
And don’t even get me started on the hysteria. If the MSM’s “coverage” of the Pantomic was hysterical (as well as intentionally inaccurate), the almost universal “reporting” of this caper has gone from hysteria to rabid frenzy. If the witch-hunt pushed by the MSM in the last Exercise in Terror was neurotic and shameful, this time the utterly one-sided harassment is beyond language. Oh, well…
And here’s good old Scott Adams, father of Dilbert and Dogbert and Catberg and all sort on groovy Bergs, on the subject of hysteria (back in 2017, no less!).

Have a spiffing, sane life…if you can get it. Love and blinis from The Wilderness.