Mongolian Variant. Aka The Return of Genghis Khan. And here they are again, our old friends the CV19 viruses! This lot are the latest soooon-come variety and they come all the way from far, far Mongolia, riding their shaggy yaks and singing their wild viral songs. Funny thing, these “variants: the South African, the Brazilian, the Indian, the Nigerian (and, of course, the super-evil Chinese) and so on. All of them from that dreadful “abroad. place, except a UK variant that is hardly ever mentioned. I surmise that the next variety will be from Yorkshire and that also will be classed as “foreign. for it’s well know that amongst the “Real English., anything or anybody not from the Home Counties and the Cotswolds, counts as a foreigner (frequently called bloody foreigner). Oh, well. Have a lovely weekend.