Four Worlds. Four worlds and then four more with a nest of sneaky possibilities all around for good measure. And we the people stuck in the middle in Fifth World, surrounded by clowns, jokers, psychopaths and idiots, with no way out in sight other than global cataclysm and extinction. (Where is a good old sipapu when you need one?) Never mind. Stick by the Mehitabel Paradigm, swim against the tide and have a consistently beautiful, healthy, fulfilling, harmonious, serene and long life full of fun, wisdom, modesty and dancing coyotes.

Hozho: Dine’ Concept of Balance and Beauty……”Consideration of the nature of the universe, the world, and man, and the nature of time and space, creation, growth, motion, order, control, and the life cycle includes all these other Navajo concepts expressed in terms quite impossible to translate into English. The synthesis of all the beliefs detailed above and those concerning the attitudes and experiences of man is expressed sa’a naghai, usually followed by bik’e hozho….. The concept of sa’ah naaghaii bik’eh hozho is more commonly known as hozho in the shorthand. Sa’ah naaghaii bik’eh hozho consists of two distinct phrases that together form a unity. The whole phrase exemplifies a model of balance in living. At the core of its meaning, hozho is about balance. It is about health, long life, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, harmony, the mundane and the divine. For the Navajo people, hozho represents a synthetic and living description of what life on the surface of planet Earth should be, from birth until death at an old age.”….