Identity Politics. When the I is king uncivil war looms.

By all means, divide yourselves like common amoebas; fragment the already fragile structure that could have backed up the R-Evolution; turn your righteous causes into ideological minced meat. Accuse, censor, de-platform, wave fingers, assault, assail, persecute, cancel, make some poor bugger’s life a misery. My heroes are better than your heroes. I’m a real victim; you’re just kvetching. Me too! Mee too! Go for it. Boost the inner child and reinforce your self-esteem. Feel wonderful, worthy, virtuous and “it..

Meanwhile, back at the whorehouse, the Meat Puppets and their Robocop Masters of the Universe handlers (some of which are funding your beautiful, virtuous movements, don’tyouknow), are licking their inhuman chops and having a laugh at your expense, thinking how well their mass manipulation techniques are working, and how effective, cheap and effort-saving they are. Why harass openly and directly the populace, which is very bad PR, when it can do it itself to itself so economically? And in between insane giggles, they are sharpening the machetes and polishing the button that will push the lever that will drop the pill that will make the gas.

Have a nice life.

And instead of un po’di mu’, one of my favourite Monty Python sketches: