Hey There Cthulhu. Let’s face it, in these crappy End-Days one can never have too many Cthulhus, so, as part public service part charity work, I’m donating yet another Cthulhu. Complete with dancing cultists and compí¨re voodoo poppet to warn us all of his imminent arrival.

Personal Note. My deal with Cthulhu. Well, on a good day I think that his dominion couldn’t possibly be worse that what we have now running this dread circus. On a not-so-good day I think that he (and the rest of the ineffable trans-dimensional Final Void crew) will never deign touch this mess with the proverbial. On a really bad day I panic and I tend to believe that They are here already and, yes, as predicted by some, working for the CIA, the NSA, the Mossad, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates.

To round things up in style and consistency, have un po’ di dedicated mu’.

(This is a piss-taking of a real song called Hey there Delilah. I think the send up is heaps & heaps better that the original. I hope you like it, too)

Have a splendiferous weekend.