Leo. The Lion. Fire. Fixed. Embraced and ruled (and therefore sometimes obscured) by the Sun, giver (and taker) of life, pleasure and holidays in Benidorm. Naturally confident, dramatic and flamboyant, Leos can be warm-hearted and generous to a fault if in a good mood. Or mean to the point of pettiness if they think you’ve scratched their pride. Perhaps you have. Don’t. Leos roar and talk loud and sashay like it’s going out of fashion but they aren’t quite as tough as they act. By all means, tell them where to get off if they overdo the “I’m the King of the Jungle. bit. Do it with some wit and humour, though, and they’ll even love it; and use it to turn the tables on you by purring and batting their big bad eyelashes at you. They love to flirt, see. No harm meant. It’s just a game. See here, this one in the pic, flirting shamelessly with his presiding star. Tch … 🙂

Stay Curious. Here’s Rory (short for Rodrigo), the thorny moggy, with a little something to wish you all a happy Autumnal Equinox. Chances are it won’t be a very happy, nor even a cheerful one, what with the Tory monkeyshines still going strong (although, who knows!they might yet self-destruct), and the Persian Gulf heating up incrementally courtesy of the usual psychos, and all the rest. But whilst there’s breath there’s hope. Why, for all we know Netanyahu may be the next dead dodo in that ongoing Comedy of Horrors that Israel has become. As long as he doesn’t get replaced by Avigdor Lieberman… (Perish the thought!)
This is Rory’s third appearance in one of my doodles. It’s amazing the vast quantities of comfort the creature brings to my megrimed heart, for all his spikiness and stroppy epigrams.