Picnic. As I never tire of saying, good news are few and far between. So when there is some, we get inordinately excited and happy and we feel like having a picnic. This week’s good news is that after nearly three years of faffing about, that infamous epitome of dribbling evil, that paradigm of rancid misogynistic “masculinity” wot calls itself La Manada are finally in prison. Also, the offence has been upgraded from “sexual assault. to what it really was, a rape of the most vicious, revolting and unthinking kind. The sentence, too, has been upped from a measly 9 years to a merely insufficient 15 years. Call themselves The Pack? Animals don’t do to their females what these ! things did to that poor girl. May they rot in jail and may they get served by some Neanderthalish fellow inmate as they did to her. Certain things are not to be forgiven. In fact, to forgive them is almost akin to condoning them. And that goes for you too, Mr. Bolton, Mr. Bannon, Mr. Johnson. Plague take you all!