Rapists to the Wall!This is for everyone involved in the hideous affair of la Manada. Either as an expression of solidarity for the victim and her supporters, or as a fervent curse to the judges who passed a sentence on the offenders that is tantamount of an endorsement of murderous misogynistic violence (with a special mention to the dissenting magistrate who wanted to let the criminals go free), to the imbecile and corrupt defence of said psychopaths, and to anyone who supported them and, as usual, made the victim out to be at fault if not actually lying. And naturally, my best and most ferocious curses to the five premier league sick bastards who did the horrid deed. Call yourself a pack? You insult pack animals, you gruesome assholes. Animals don’t do what you did to that poor girl. May you all rot in Hell and may your stupid dicks fall off and be eaten by itinerant piranhas. The motto in the placard means, loosely and Gorgonicall speaking: Little raping males to the grinder! NB. In Spanish the term “machito., little male, is, always, intentionally and deeply offensive. As it should be.