Russia March 18th 2018. Now, before you go reaching for the sackcloth and the ashes, think of how very, VERY much  this is going to piss off Theresa May, and Boris Johnson, and Gavin “Spiderman” Williamson, and Andrew Marr, and Jonathan Freedland, and Mario Vargas Llosa (but not Henry Kissinger , alas; he’s unpissoffable). See? not all is Gloom & Doom. After all, anyone’s  gonna bring about Armageddon, it ain’t gon’ be Vlad the Impervious, innit, no matter what the Daily Mail says. And here’s an extra Reason to Be Cheerful: unlike with all those downed planes, Trump, Brexit, the Catalan Panto, chemical attacks, poisoned  has-been spooks and so on, this time we really, really can,  genuinely, legitimately and with concrete evidence on our tables, blame Russia for this. The Russians done it, your Honour! Life can be so sweet!:-)

And to keep the Ivans the Terribles company, here’s an imaginary  but stylish Mongolian Miss. She’s not afraid of overdoing it, is she?