Dancing Snakes. A few seconds extra daylight a day keep the Doom&Glooms away. Have a spiffing Winter Solstice, my friends. Have a good wiggle and jiggle around a bonfire, si le cÅ“ur vous en dit. Join the Dancing Snake Girls in their mystically carnal boogie-woogie. Drink a wee dram to Helios’ abiding health and speedy return. Burn the effigies of your top ten most hated politicians, transnational CEOs, .quality. paper editors. Let joy and love into your hearts. Life’s too short to pout & grumble. And listen to the Cthulhu Brothers. They’s good for you:



(This promotion of the peerless CBs is becoming a bit of a fickle tradition around this time of the year. I simply think everybody ought to know about these two splendidly demented Scots; like everybody should know the Two Davids’ produce:

http://medialens.org/     just to ward off the evil beady eye of Meedjadom)

Scribe’s Note. As you can see the Shub-Niggurath has been agitating again (not to say pestering) for an increase in presence in my doodles. So here she is, the ineffably fertile single mum, scowling and sulking in a corner, as it’s her wont and her chief talent. She’s grumbling to the Snakes that when she was a young monster they didn’t have any of these Solstice-Shmolstice nonsense and that never did them any harm. The Snakes, lippy creatures that they are, retorted that in her younger days they didn’t have much of anything in any case and that life must have sucked pond water through a second-hand straw -to paraphrase my good friend Monroe. I love Final Void dialectics. 🙂