Panoramic.SThere is archaeology and then there’s paleo-archaeology. This is it. This is so ancient, so remote, so far-far-and-away that I suspect it never happened and it was all a dream I had, once, sometime, somewhere, caused by some outlandish mind-food I ate. I can’t believe I was ever that young, that naive and that blissfully ill-informed. Ergo it was a dream. It was a spiffing dream, though, I’ll say that for it. The original drawings were made on a cheap school pad with a Rotring pen -which I still have and still works.  I’ve left them pretty much as they were, except for some minimal sprucing and interfering and/or additions (the birds and the extra sea serpent) plus a bit of comtemp’ry techno fiddling and the adding of various textures and things. Because I like texture and things. Especially things.