Location.SIt’s good to know where one is. The more so if you are a free-floating Ronin Balloon with a tendency to getting lost, especially in the Badlands. Thank Bumba for helpful creatures like the Hospitality Birdie and the Silly Clouds. PS. The paranoid-looking wee flower has an excruciatingly sad story of her own and a very good reason for looking perennially askance at all & sundry strangers. I might tell it to you some other time if the spirit grabs me.

ShoggyApotheosis.SAll praise Priceless Protoplasm! The Shoggies have coalesced in a single massive entity to celebrate Shoggothohood, see just for the Hell of it. The baby flowers with untidy hairstyles have joined in a merry tribal dance. Just because they feel like it. So!Viva Sevilla y olé! (Why not?)