DodoDialogue.SI’ve been meaning to do something with dodos ever since I started signing myself UndeadDodo on some sites. So here they are, the darling extinct creatures having a good philosophical bitch about life. Or lack thereof, poor things.

Time&Tide.SWhat with the current so-called reality unravelling and illusions beginning to collapse right, left and centre, the peerless Grumpy, in semi-formal office regalia, has taken himself and his off-the-cuff ADCs, the BearThing and her new cub, down to the shores of Samsara to wait for the tide to turn and thus be ready to welcome the new ship of fools to their rightful inheritance. Mrs B has her money on the rats and, hedging her bets, the cockroaches. The baby is wondering if there’s half a chance of persuading the Teddy to play with him, as all this waiting is beginning to get on his wick.

Muriel.B1Update 02/11/15 This is the picture of the muriel I mentioned a while back depicting the Tiny Totem and his mother. Here she can be seen shooing away and saying “Not today, thank you.” to the slightly irritating HyperFruityFly, who, as usual, is trying to flog something or other to madamina, in this case some apples it has nicked from the orchard of the Hesperides. Milady doesn’t disapprove of the purloining itself -nor do the Hesperides, who are cheerfully aware that they have got more apples than they can dispose of comfortably- but most certainly she objects to paying for what she can get for free any day of the week or, at a pinch, through a mutually acceptable bartering, as the Hesperides are very fond of apple juice laced with some of the stardust that emanates twice a day from madamina’s Willendorfian bosoms. The HyperFruityFly, impenitently annoying creature that it is, knows the score full well, still, it tries. Too much time on its hands, I think. It needs a job, or a hobby. Perhaps we can persuade it to enroll on some evening course on, say, art appreciation, or four-dimensional origami. Anything that’ll keep it off the streets and our backs, really.
It’s also the young bijou Totem’s birthday. He is 1,000 years old and he’s just been given his first Sacred Crickitt Bat and Garrote Florido (Flowering Club). And is he chuffed or what. He feels so grown up, he does.   Educational gossip courtesy of Zippy Stardust of the South Vermont Underground Mi-Go Settlement.