I don’t know why I’m so incensed with the latest Ukraine-Crimea-Russia v USA-&-Sundry-Slave-Minions shenanigans. I should be totally immune to this sort of crap by now. But obviously I’m not. And I am furious. I can’t even listen to the beeb’s stomach-turning headlines without bursting into a torrent of abuse at media whores, craven countries, US hypocrisy, etc. Oh, well… There’s always the Beasties to help me express what I think of the above-insulted ghastly cunts. Oh, Ash, wherefore are thou, my friend? And now, you will excuse me. I must go and buy a few bottles of real Russian vodka before “they” ban it. (Shame I can get some frozen Russian assets. I love frozen stuff…) PS. I don’t even like vodka, but it’s the thought that counts, I’m told. Oy gevalt! Update 30/03/14 ‘Been waiting all my life to do one of those. Now, I’m off to read bits of Ecclesiastes, or Thomas Ligotti… Giggle. PS. I think it’s a crying shame that nobody does Vanitas anymore. The more fools they. Update 11/04/14 Behold! the latest of SpiderGirl’s sprogs has fallen madly in love with BoomBoom (and who would blame her?) and can be seen here trying to mesmerize her bulky beau into loving her back. BoomBoom is enormously amused by the creature’s antics but thinks that, ultimately, he’ll have to dissapoint the youg lady, as his heart belongs to Art & Smarties only. Exo-Zoology note from the Scribe: Miscegenation, or cross-species interbreeding, is quite common in the Dreamlands (which explains why it’s such a weird and wonderful place), so nothing unusual here. The brat herself is the producto of a HyperSpider and a Werewolf. Coming next: I never “do” Easter but this year I’ll make an exception. But I’ll be buggered if I upload a Bunny… See you next week. Update 13/04/14 I said NO bunnies, didn’t I? Happy Alternative Easter, folks.  Behold a thoughtful Japanese Demon, come to bring us the Eastern Egg containing the Cyclopean Chicken Prodigy. She thinks that in a world where two-eyed people can be so very blind (not to mention stupid), a single-orbed creature may fare better and shed some light upon this wretched planet. Milady claims to be vaguely related to the Onibaba, the demon hag, but I suspect her from being of the Shikome (the wild women of Izanami), travelling in mufti. With Japanese demons it’s hard to tell, you know. She has not, as yet, revealed her name, not even to the Shoggoths, who absolutely adored her on sight. Update 16/04/14 And to end on a happy note…more about the vexed “Ukranian Question”! Here’s a couple of Kiev felines wondering where the fuck is all the fish gone (not to mention all the flowers) and that plus ça change… from Blackwater to Greystone. Oh, dear… Medlers, don’t you love to hate them? Pah!

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