Families. Love them or leave them, but they’re hard to ignore, innit? That’s what both Wilbur Whateley and the ineffable Shub-Niggurath think at any rate. Here we see young Wilbur a-calling his kith & kin to partake of an evening repast, which may or may not include the odd Alderney cow. And behold! the Shub-Niggurath and some of her many-many-many-many offspring. She’s always desperate to get rid of as many of them as possible, for she has far too many, and she’s forever trying to find placements and/or internships for them, but they are all so badly behaved that they are generally packed back to her before long. Even those who found jobs as blasphemous flute players to the idiot Azathoth didn’t last long and that says all about the little darlings, for good old Az is not only an idiot god but also dumb and DEAF.  Here’s to them. Cheers, kids! Update 01/06/12 The newly-named Gorgonic-Lovecraftian Mining Co. continues to extract the ore. Here be the latest produce. The second one is for my friend Helene. Update 10/06/12 Here, have a couple of Sparts. Salut.