Well, I like mine, anyways. I’ve been re-reading some HPL I hadn’t read in aeons and I find myself enjoying it as much as ever. Just finished The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, which has had the effect of materializing two new members of the Family. Here they be. Behold the ‘Orrid Toad-Like Moon-Creatures -who actually come from and live in the groovy Plateau of Leng, and two of the Shub-Niggurath many Thousand Young. These two have been sent to Leng to perfect their Hideously Blasphemous Flute technique, purportedly under the tutelage and instruction of the said Moon-Creeps. Unfortunately the Moon Toadies have a tendency to spend nearly all of their time bitching and picking fights amongst themselves, and when they’re not doing this, they spend hours boasting to one another about fights they’ve picked with some other creatures/beings/entities/whathaveyous. So the young Shub-Niggureths are not learning shit or perfecting nada de nada. But they are having a wonderful time hunting stray dreamers and hanging them to dry from the upper railings of the Yuff Hostel where they’re stopping. Isn’t the Great Void simply the place to be? Update 16/04/12 The Shoggoths were restless, last night… So they decided to put on one of their delightful historical tableaux vivants for everybody’s benefit and instruction. Recently we have been reading Fernando Garcí­a de Cortázar’s Los mitos de la historia de España. The rubbery darlings were much moved by and taken with the periodically recurring bouts of expulsions from the territories of peoples, groups and individuals that this or that government didn’t like. They chose the exile of  the Jesuits because nobody ever seems to remember them and because they (the Js) seemed to be unrepentant smokers. Nothing if not deep, my Shoggies… Update 17/05/12 Ah bliss! I live again..again. My 15-months old computer conked out for the second time since I bought it. I was computerless for nearly 4 weeks and I nearly went mad. To distract myself from this incipient derangement  I rehabilitated my older machine, who, like the Great Cthulhu, was not dead but merely sleeping in the cellar. And now I have two beasties! Never again will I be left machineless, I swear on the Shoggoths pseudopods. Anyways, here be the latest batch of Lovecraftian loony tunes -this time all devoted to the adorable Mi-Go, plus a Particle Bonus.The Mi-Go series is called The Vermont Triptyc, or Three Vermont Moons. The first one pertains to the (all too brief) adolescent life of the Mi-Go. Like adolescents all over the galaxies, they become quite unruly and prone to mischief,  but they also look truly pretty, with their prawn bodies and butterfly wings. They frequently escape vigilance and off they go  a-fluttering and a-gamboling in the moonligth, scaring the living shits out of the locals -both gentry and peasants alike. The second sheds some light on the allegedly malevolent activities on the crustifungoid darlings and their relations with the natives. The Mi-Go were only trying to help and bring some cheer into the natives’ drab, wretched lives. Ah, uncomprehendid sods! They’ll never know what they missed. (The natives, that is.) The third goes some way into explaining these “unexplained vanishings” of some of the aforementioned locals who “got too close” to the Mi-Go. The fact is that the “disappeared” were mostly farmer’s wives. Having been totally sold to the (extra-curricular) improvement plan proposed by our enterprising Zippy, once they returned from Yuggoth, they squarely refused to go back to their drudgy lives,  crummy old husbands and sullen inbread children, and took up instead with some handsome humanoid alien they met at some social on Yuggoth, or they became particle scientists and landed wonderfully exciting and well paid jobs at CERN. Next post: A Dunwich Tea Party. Stay groovy.