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Hard Rain Dance

Exorcism BoogieWoogie. Aghast and incandescent, the Radiant Twins and their familiars, the Lofty Worms, have boarded the Avenging TeddyCloud and taken to the high heavens via the Vortex, in quest of The Voices of Uncomplicated Reason, there to dance the banishing Jive of Puncturing the Bubble, for to exorcise the craven, demented, all-pervading bunk that is currently strangling private* and public life. We shall join them shortly.
And here’s the straw that broke the Twin’s otherwise resilient back:
And: *
We are doomed, you know. Really and truly doomed. I can’t see a way to come back from this kind of fascistic balderdash. It’s here to stay. The Pantomic administered the first cut and this will complete the general lobotomy. The next generation will grow up without a fully-connecting brain, I dare say. And soon it’ll be either comply, fully and unconditionally, or is the wall for you, matey. Oh, well. Stick to Mehitabel. Now more than ever.
Ognuno sta solo sul cuor della terra
trafitto da un raggio di sole:
ed è subito sera.

Salvatore Quasimodo

Selective Hells

Demons Du Jour. aka The Bug’s Lament Part II, aka The Shape of Things to Come.
And it will get worse, I daresay. Even good old Mozilla and Duck Duck Go have joined in the hysterical scramble to establish their Russophobe credentials. Oh, well…
Black sable one day, next day it goes into hock,
but I’m here.
Top billing Monday, Tuesday you’re touring in stock,
but I’m here.

Stephen Sondheim. I’m Still Her

Webs Of Deceit

The Spider & The Fly. ‘ere. In case you never knew or had just conveniently forgotten:
The United States engaged in forty-six military interventions from 1948–1991, from 1992–2017 that number increased fourfold to 188.
The United States has been involved in many military and clandestine interventions throughout its history. These interventions are done through well-coordinated military operations in response to developing situations or through clandestine operations; intelligence or military actions carried out in such a way that the operations go unnoticed by the general population or specific enemy forces. 
The 19th century formed the roots of United States interventionism, which was largely driven by economic opportunities in the Pacific and Spanish-held Latin America. The early decades of the 20th century saw a number of interventions in Latin America by the U.S. government. And since then the United States has continued to intervene in foreign countries through bomb attacks, sabotage and attempted regime change. (Victor Mochere)
A very good listing, sadly not up to date owing to the delicious William “Billy the Kid” Blum being dead.
A rather charitably biased version of it. And misses the meddling with the Uranian “Revolution” of 2014 and the famous Victoria “Fuck the EU!” Nuland/Geoffrey Pyatt’s little inspirational exchange:
(Which has to be true, since even the Holy Guardian reported it, innit?)
Voila! The rest/more of the same you can look it up for yourselves…si le coeur vous en dit.