CucaFera & Mates. Further Catalan Stuff. aka It Never Rains… Featuring the same original Cucafera Tarraconensis and some mates she met at another tea party she was invited by one of her many admirers, the tiny Tentacular Thing With a Teddy wot kept watch upon the hills. Now they all travel Clouds 9 to 13.
The beautiful lady dragon says, to anyone willing to listen, that drifting up & down the skies in kawai company, beats shuffling along the main drag of Tarragona City with a handful of blokes under her carapace trying to make her dance sardanas.
See, the advantages of a pukka social life? As opposed to that dumb-show folks call “social” media, where you have 33,456 “friends”, none of which really gives a toss whether you live or die, not to mention several trolls and the odd stalker. Down with FaceFuckingBook! (And Snapchat, Twitter/X, Tick-Tock, Instagram and, at a pinch, Amazon.) Have a spiffing anti-“social” life.