Nostra Signora dei Gatti. This is a memorial and homage for Aura, the Spanish lynx that brought back the species from the brink of extinction. Well done girl! May your particles keep on purring and growling and generally bringing joy to the Void.
I further dedicate this to don Attilio El Caffarenito, the famous cat chronicler.
I’ve been meaning to do something like this for nearly two decades -better late than ever, I daresay. Even a devout atheo-agnostic needs a god of sort to pray to in moments of dire megrims or to thank for, say, England not winning the Euro-cup or things like that. Most of the time this role falls to the delicious Bumba and his exquisite Mother, but Our Lady of the Pussycats also is a pretty powerful juju. I recommend her to all cat lovers. She doesn’t require any burnt offering or any other visible forms of propitiation but she quite likes Irish coffee, in case you feel like treating her. Also, being kind to stray kittens is a form of worship which she very much appreciates.
Have a purrrrrrfectly furball-free week. And un po’ di feline mu’, of course.